Tonicity Fit, Our Mission

Tonicity Fit is an all-inclusive personal training resource. Personal training programs are organized by educated and nationally certified Exercise Physiologists, with the intention of providing overall improvements in client wellness and personal satisfaction.
Tonicity Fit offers a unique opportunity to make positive progressive health and fitness gains without creating a substantial financial burden to its clients. This is achieved through various training options including private and semi-private sessions which tailor each experience exclusively to the client's needs.
Each client will be provided with extensive and customized exercise and wellness advice, which is derived from experience of the trainer and grounded in a strong exercise science base.
The Tonicity Fit program fuses all five components of fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Each component is assessed and addressed for each client before starting their customized program. Pre, mid and post-program assessments will be provided, and each client will have the opportunity to see their progress and address where improvement is or is not necessary. The overall goal of Tonicity Fit is to provide a positive and progressive setting where its community can grow and thrive in a well-founded, sound, and effective environment.

Location: 510 East Gay Street; West Chester, PA


Phone: (610) 241-9548


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