Monday, September 13, 2021

Overnight Oats For an Easy Quick Breakfast!

One of the easiest breakfasts you can meal prep is overnight oats. Many people make hot oatmeal in the mornings, but did you know you can soak them in the fridge overnight too? This recipe is a great option because you can add whatever you want! Make breakfast your own each day with healthy options to kickstart your morning. 

  • - ½ cup rolled old fashioned oats
  • - ½ cup milk of choice
  • - ¼ cup non-fat Greek yogurt
  • - 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • - 1 tablespoon sweetener of choice - honey or maple syrup
  • - 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

In a bowl, add together oats, milk, greek yogurt (optional), chia seeds, sweetener, and vanilla extract. For extra flavor add any other ingredients you like! My personal favorite is peanut butter. You can also add: chocolate chips, fruit, nuts, cinnamon, etc. Once everything is added, cover your oats and let them sit overnight in the fridge. Once you wake up in the morning, breakfast will be ready!  

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