Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Something is Better than Nothing - What Does Jules at Tonicity Fit Have to Say?

Sometimes the hardest part of exercise is getting started. Sometimes you just don't have it in you. Sometimes you're sore, tired, moody, busy, or a host of other emotional states that could keep you from exercising. And that's OK.


You heard me.... it's OK!

It's OK because you are a human being. You do not just have a physical body, but an emotional and spiritual side intertwined - that makes you who you are. You are not a robot who flips the "workout" switch every day. You go to work, interact with family, neighbors and significant others, you take care of pets, pursue hobbies, pay bills and go grocery shopping. In the wise words of the Millenials, you're "adulting" every day which takes up time and can often be stressful.

Are workouts great for your body and mind? Certainly. Is a 15 minute, mild walk around the block also great for your body and mind? Absolutely. It is on those "off" days when something, some small dose of movement, can work wonders for stress relief and active recovery. Or perhaps you've never worked out a day in your life. Is 15 minutes worth of gentle Pilates even beneficial? You bet!

The Science: A study out of France that surveyed over 123,000 older adults found that even just 15 minutes of exercise per day decreased their risk of dying by 22%. That's a HUGE benefit from just 15 minutes of moving your body. Another study out of Taiwan that surveyed over 400,000 people found that 15 minutes of low-level exercise increased life expectancy by 3 years. Again, an enormous benefit from just 15 minutes of movement.

Not only do you receive the wonderful physical benefits from small doses of movement, but it also builds the habit of incorporating physical activity into your daily routine. It's no secret that sedentary behavior is on the rise in developing nations and that this alone contributes significantly towards disease and mortality. However, by habitually adding small doses of movement throughout your day, you can achieve significant improvements in your health and wellness! The more something becomes a habit, the less effort you need to put into it.

So, my encouragement to you is that something is truly better than nothing. Never discount the small efforts you make throughout your week. Those ten squats you do while waiting for the toaster to ding, the 5-block walk to the mailbox and back, that one extra time you opt to take the stairs over the escalator... it all adds up to greater health and wellness!

You got this.

About Jules Baratta:  

Jules Baratta is a Philly area born and raised fitness professional who is in love with movement and passionate about your wellness. She was classically trained in ballet and contemporary dance from toddler through the college level and fell in love with Pilates, yoga, nutrition, and fitness in high school. She began picking up heavy objects in college and immediately fell in love with weight lifting. After college, Jules became a personal trainer in the fitness loving city of Austin, Texas before deciding she liked shoveling snow too much to spend winters down south.

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Resistance Bands vs. Free Weights - See What Ken at Tonicity Fit Has to Say

What is the difference between resistance bands and free weights? You have likely used both, but may not be sure when to choose one over the other.

When you use resistance bands, the tension of force increases when the band is being stretched. So, with a primarily concentric movement, resistance increases. However, the resistance decreases with eccentric movements, which is when you move back. This means that there is an inconsistent tension of force within the movement using a band. This can force more muscles to activate and work harder. 

With free weights, there is a consistent eccentric and concentric force which is created gravity. This means that both eccentric and concentric movements have the same work load while performing the movement. This does not necessarily mean that weights are better than resistance bands. Resistance bands play a huge part in dealing with resistance training, corrective exercise, and the rehabilitation of injuries. Both of these type of resistant equipment are extremely important and should be used often to help you reach your goals! 

About Ken England:  

Ken England is a certified personal trainer at Tonicity Fit Personal Training Studio in West Chester. He has 19 years of experience in the fitness industry. He holds several certifications in the field- NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NESTA Biomechanics Movement Specialist, and NESTA MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has a Master’s Degree in Sports and Health Sciences. He also continues to stay current in the industry by taking courses through the Brookbush Institute and is currently working towards his Human Movement Specialist Certification.

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