Monday, March 22, 2021

Accountability - See What Jules At Tonicity Fit Has to Say

Do you ever have those days where you just don't have it in you? Whether it's waking up with your alarm, hitting the gym early, or making yet another salad for lunch, sometimes we lack motivation in the healthy living department.

One of the best ways to keep working towards your health goals despite fluctuating moods is to have an accountability partner. This could be a family member, a friend, a mentor or a coach. Research shows that the biggest predictor of success with a health-related goal is if the person's spouse/close loved one is supportive of the goal. Pretty good incentive, right? An accountability partner should be someone in your life who isn't afraid to ask you hard questions or challenge you. Someone who has your best interest in mind even when it's uncomfortable.

It's important to have an accountability partner for any big life goals. Preparing for a backpacking trip, pursuing a career change, working toward weight loss, deciding to see a therapist - if you know it's going to be difficult for you, bring someone trustworthy along for the ride. But how do we do that?

1- Share why your goal is important. Your accountability partner may not care about a career in marketing, but they do care about your career in marketing if that is your goal. Share why this is important to you and the deeper meaning will resonate.

2- Ask for specifics. Simply asking someone to hold you accountable can be, well, awkward for them. They might feel like they're scolding or judging you if they check in on your progress. Ask your partner for a specific action. "Please call me every Sunday to check in." "Text me Friday night to make sure I completed my goal for the week." "Let's share a spreadsheet and check in throughout the week." If they know exactly how you want them to hold you accountable, they'll feel much more comfortable doing so.

3- Make sure you are ready for change. If your goal is something you really want, you will be OK with your accountability partner challenging you and encouraging you. If you're not quite ready, you may push back, argue, make excuses, or end up resenting your partner. Assess your readiness. If you find yourself resisting the change, ask yourself if it is really something you want to work towards right now. If not, that's OK! You can always revisit your goal later.

I know you all have big, amazing goals for the rest of the year. Do you have the accountability you need?

If you have any questions or need any help with this part of healthy living, please reach out to your Tonicity staff (it's literally our job)! If you know someone who struggles to follow through with action plans, go ahead and share our information with them. We love helping people live healthy, thriving lives and it is our privilege to work with our clients on their life goals.

About Jules Baratta:  

Jules Baratta is a Philly area born and raised fitness professional who is in love with movement and passionate about your wellness. She was classically trained in ballet and contemporary dance from toddler through the college level and fell in love with Pilates, yoga, nutrition, and fitness in high school. She began picking up heavy objects in college and immediately fell in love with weight lifting. After college, Jules became a personal trainer in the fitness loving city of Austin, Texas before deciding she liked shoveling snow too much to spend winters down south.

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Monday, March 1, 2021

Importance of Activating the Transverse Abdominis Muscle - Here is what Ken at Tonicity Fit in West Chester has to say

The core is an extremely important area in the body that is used throughout virtually every movement or exercise. Focusing on core engagement can help reduce strain in other areas of the body.

A very important muscle that people tend to forget to activate is the transverse abdominis. The transverse abdominis works to help keep your spine stabilized. The main function of this muscle is to help reduce lower back pain from core weakness. 

One important technique that you can utilize to improve your transverse abdominis muscle is the draw in maneuver. To perform this maneuver, you would simply draw in your belly and squeeze your core area while performing exercises such as squats, overhead dumbbell press, bicep curls, etc. This will not only improve your stability and strength in your core but will also tone your midsection and help your posture.

Give this exercise a try on your own!

About Ken England:  

Ken England is a certified personal trainer at Tonicity Fit Personal Training Studio in West Chester. He has 19 years of experience in the fitness industry. He holds several certifications in the field- NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NESTA Biomechanics Movement Specialist, and NESTA MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has a Master’s Degree in Sports and Health Sciences. He also continues to stay current in the industry by taking courses through the Brookbush Institute and is currently working towards his Human Movement Specialist Certification.

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