Thursday, February 18, 2021

Best Free Fitness Apps - See What Lexi at Tonicity Fit Has to Say

“What should I be doing outside the gym?” 

“How do I even start cardio training on my own?” 

“I’m not motivated without a trainer” 

“I like the competition aspect of being in a gym, where else can I get that feeling?”

“I need to track what I eat and I always forget to do it on paper.” 

As trainers, we get these comments and questions A LOT. Here at Tonicity Fit, we want to motivate you to be your best self inside and outside of the gym. We provide strength training exercises tailored specifically to your goals. 

But what about cardio? What about stretching? What about motivation when you leave? We help encourage this outside of your membership. Every membership at Tonicity has a free cardio membership included. Didn’t know that? Let me explain. On Zenplanner, you can reserve a cardio time where you can come in and use any of our cardio machines. This is a GREAT way to incorporate new exercises into your current workouts. However, I know it can be hard to find motivation, and there are so many apps and pages to follow it can be overwhelming. So in my experience and opinion, these apps are a great way to stick to your goals outside of a physical session with us. Here are some of my favorite apps:

  1. My fitness pal

This is my favorite app to track food. It's FREE! It tracks everything you eat, it can scan food with a label, and it sends push notifications to remind you to track your food. It also syncs with whatever device you use to track your workout. It also tracks macro and micro nutrients. So if you’re specifically trying to up your protein intake you can track just protein! Amazing app to add. 

  1. Vizer

This app tracks your workouts and once you finish the goals it sets for you, you can donate a meal to someone in need. I don’t know about you but one of my goals for 2021 was to give back to others. This app combines my two biggest passions, giving back and fitness! It's completely free and highly motivating. 

  1. Map my run or Map my ride

If you are looking for an app to track your cardio on trails or random rides you take in places where there aren't set mile markers, this app is great. It shows you the path you took when you are done, and it has everything you need to have a great run or ride. At the end of each mile, it will tell you your pace and mile you are at without having to look at your phone! 

  1. All Trails

If you love the outdoors and want to find the perfect hike, this is the app for you. This app provides all hikes available to you. If you type in a town or a zip code and set the radius of how far you are willing to travel, it will give you all hikes around the area. It tells you the level of difficulty, how far the hike is, if it's pet friendly and kid friendly, and how far it is from your current location. Great app. 

  1. Nike Running Club

This is my last and favorite app ever. I don’t know about you, but I was not a natural born runner. Last year I ran my first ever marathon and it took me 5 years to work up to that point. Nike running club has preset runs, and a coach in your ear telling you what to do next. It can be anything from learning to run a half mile or learning to run a full marathon. It doesn’t matter your level of fitness or running experience. Best part? It's totally free. A great app to add to your days off at tonicity. 

I hope these apps help and inspire you to keep up with your fitness and health goals! Keep going!

 About Lexi Heckman:  

Lexi Heckman is a certified personal trainer at  Tonicity Fit Personal training Studio in West Chester.  Lexi has a strong love for health and wellness as well as helping others. She has worked within the fitness industry for 5+ years. Working as a recreation attendant, teaching fitness classes and later becoming a facilities supervisor and team leader. She found her love for fitness while working at the recreation center at West Chester University. There she changed her major to reflect that passion and recently completed her undergraduate degree.

To learn more about Lexi, Click Here.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Cozy Up This Winter With a Healthy Vegan Recipe!


Healthy eating doesn't have to be difficult! One of the easiest meals you can make is soup. Especially in the colder months, soup gives us all the comfort we need. This hearty lentil soup recipe is great because it is not only easy, but tasty too! This soup is packed full of vegetables and fibers that will keep you feeling completely satisfied. Pro tip: Add a can of white beans for even more protein!