Sunday, January 17, 2021

Don't Make Big Changes - Here is What Jules at Tonicity Fit Has to Say

Did you make a New Year's resolution this year? Is it the same resolution you made last year? Maybe you promised yourself you would get in shape, lose a few pounds, eat a pristine diet, never drink again and get 6-pack abs by April.

These are certainly admirable goals. The trainer in me says, "Yes! Go for it!" But the motivation expert in me says, "Woah partner, let's reign it in." 

Stop making big changes! This might sound completely counterintuitive and possibly hypocritical from a personal trainer. But after years of studying lifestyle change and motivation, I can tell you that setting enormous life-altering goals for the near future is a surefire way to burn yourself out and give up altogether. My advice? Pick one small accomplishment that you can complete by the end of today. For example: Do 3 pushups, walk for 10 minutes, eat one vegetable, take 5 deep breaths, go to bed 10 minutes earlier, or drink one more glass of water. These little goals don't sound so intimidating do they? And what if tomorrow you did 3 pushups again? And the day after that you did 4? And the day after that you did 4 again? Still doesn't seem like much right? What if you kept on adding one more pushup after a few days and kept up that trend for three months? You could potentially end up cranking out 30 or 40 pushups in a row in a few months time!

The same concept goes for walking. 10 minutes of walking is not a lot. Neither is 11 minutes. You likely would not be able to jump right in and hike for two hours right away. However, if you slowly build up to it, adding one extra minute every few days could easily help you achieve the hike. Any of the examples above could be completed using a similar schedule. Drink one extra glass of water every day this week. Two extra next week, etc. 

So what is my point? Refrain from making big changes all at once because it can be completely overwhelming. Instead, try to tackle one goal at a time, one step at a time. Take small steps. Set tangible daily goals. Work incrementally toward a larger goal. Be flexible and forgiving of yourself, but don't give up. The slower you ease into it, the more likely you are to stick with it and end up achieving something great! You can do it!

About Jules Baratta:  

Jules Baratta is a Philly area born and raised fitness professional who is in love with movement and passionate about your wellness. She was classically trained in ballet and contemporary dance from toddler through the college level and fell in love with Pilates, yoga, nutrition, and fitness in high school. She began picking up heavy objects in college and immediately fell in love with weight lifting. After college, Jules became a personal trainer in the fitness loving city of Austin, Texas before deciding she liked shoveling snow too much to spend winters down south.

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