Thursday, December 10, 2020

How to Stay on Top of Health and Fitness this Holiday Season: Here is what Lexi at Tonicity Fit in West Chester has to say

Don’t throw all your progress out the window for the holiday season. This is the toughest time of year to keep moving towards your goals. First, there was Halloween full of candy and sweets, but that was only one night. Then, there was Thanksgiving, a meal that is filled with appetizers, dinner, and many many pies and desserts. Now, we are coming up on Christmas. The struggle of wanting hot coco and cookies, and maybe a few extra drinks to go along with all the activities you have planned for December is completely understandable. I am here to help you through those cravings, and provide tips on how to not lose months of hard work. 

I want to start by saying, indulging is OKAY! My advice is to let yourself have those yummy treats and drinks, and enjoy family recipes and traditions. Food is not an enemy and should not be treated as such. If you eliminate all holiday treats, you may turn into the Grinch and no one wants to see that happen! Making smart eating choices is the first thing to remind yourself. “Everything in moderation” is a great place to start. If you're having cookies and hot coco maybe skip the alcohol, or limit yourself to 1 to 2 nights a week to indulge. The delicious holiday treats are one of the best parts of the season. However, having too much can make you feel sluggish and put your body into hibernation mode, which can be hard to shake off. 

A great way to avoid the sluggish, sugar filled feeling from the holidays is to remember to MOVE. If you are not hitting your normal gym schedule, try to wake up and walk. Some ways to get in extra steps include: going for a walk around your neighborhood, going to a local park, or taking the kids or pets outside for some fresh air. The holiday season can mean sitting and watching football, and eating just because there is food in front of you. Or sitting by the fire, or sitting and reading or playing games… the list goes on. There can be a lot of “sitting” this time of year, so remember to try to get up and move!

My last piece of advice is to go with the flow, but make a plan. Maybe your plan is to wake up and workout, to drink 60 oz of water, or eat healthy during the week. Whatever it may be, write it down and hold yourself accountable. On the other hand, be prepared for those plans to shift. Possibly, family events go too long, or you stay at work too late, or plans get canceled. Make room in your mind for a backup plan if unexpected situations happen. It is okay to not be as solid on a schedule as you may typically be. One bad day does not ruin all progress. 

Remember the holiday season is not limited to one day like Halloween or Thanksgiving. We have turned the holiday season into a full month. Remind yourself of that, and stay true to your goals and health. Indulge on certain days, but be conscious of your goals. Enjoy time with family, listen to your favorite songs, and watch your favorite shows. Enjoy the whole season, but don't wait for January 1st to get back to your goals. YOU GOT THIS! 

Happy Holidays Everyone!

 About Lexi Heckman:  

Lexi Heckman is a certified personal trainer at  Tonicity Fit Personal training Studio in West Chester.  Lexi has a strong love for health and wellness as well as helping others. She has worked within the fitness industry for 5+ years. Working as a recreation attendant, teaching fitness classes and later becoming a facilities supervisor and team leader. She found her love for fitness while working at the recreation center at West Chester University. There she changed her major to reflect that passion and recently completed her undergraduate degree.
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