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Fulfillment - What does Sarah at Tonicity Fit in West Chester have to say?


As a professional go-getter, I am constantly struggling with trying to feel fulfilled. If you are anything like me there is a familiar progression: you feel desire, get passionate about the process, maybe do some research on execution, and then you go for whatever that next journey into possible fulfillment might entail. You might even be convinced that this is the one: that final task in the grand scheme of life that is going to fill you up so high that you will finally reach the apex of your life mountain.  

If you are even more like me, then you skate through the next couple of months feeling like you rocked life and figured out how to achieve world peace. Then, you fast forward a few months (maybe years….as I get older it seems to last a couple of years per journey) and your gap has reopened and you are no longer fulfilled. You are lost and frustrated and maybe you even feel like a failure.  That is the point, or at least shortly after that point, where you start to plan again. A new plan begins to conjure in your psyche, and it doesn’t matter if you have to cash in your retirement fund to go for it.

Ok, maybe it is not that extreme, but we all need a little dramatic effect these days.

So, if this is you (and it definitely is me), then you are probably spending a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to fix this “problem.”  How do we find fulfillment in a life where we can never be satisfied for more than a couple of months???

Honestly, I am starting to think that my 7 year old has it all figured out.  Last year, she had a writing assignment in her first grade class.  It was called, “My Heart is Full.”  In this project, she had to list the reasons why she felt a sense of fulfillment in her life.  Her response rocked my world.  I will post it below:

My Heart is Full

By:  Jessie

My heart is full because I have a mom.  My heart is full because I have a Dad.  My heart is full because I have a favorite toy Giraffee.  My heart is full because I have my family.


Just take a moment to soak that in.  Her heart is full of the only things that really matter.  It is full of love.  My daughter feels a great sense of fulfillment because she has her family and her favorite stuffed toy.  That is amazing to me.

How did it get so complicated for all of us?  How is it so difficult to find that simplistic fulfillment as an adult?  

Personally, I think it is because we overzealously overcomplicate our lives.  As we age, our lives become more full of “things” and that makes us feel the need to fix everything.  That is where I think that my 7-year-old daughter is onto something life-changing for us adults who have long since forgotten it: SIMPLICITY.

We spend a significant amount of time over-stuffing our lives with tasks that we think will make us feel more full.  But growth never stops happening.  We grow until we die, and that means that our full bucket will always get a little bit bigger.  It will definitely need to be filled again.

So, how do we fix it without turning ourselves into a 7-year-old again?

I say we need to dial it down.

Whenever I meet with a client who is feeling too overwhelmed and unsatisfied, I always start small with the plan that I give them.  I do a full assessment of their lifestyle, and from there, I plan out a system that guides them to start small and grow over time.  When the growth becomes too large, we start over again.  I would say that when our sense of fulfillment feels lost, we need to shed the skin of our complicated lives and start over.  

This doesn’t mean that I think we need to leave our relationships, ditch our children and move to another country.  Obviously this is not a realistic choice, and you would surely become further away from feeling fulfilled.  

I am saying that we need to remove the parts of our lives that are unnecessarily complicating things.  Start small and grow from there.  Change your daily routine.  Assess your goals and see how they have changed.  Check in with friends or family members and take a timeout with a wine, coffee, or dinner date.  Just SIMPLIFY.

About Sarah Ostroski:  

Sarah is the owner and head trainer at Tonicity Fit Personal training Studio in West Chester.  She has worked as a personal trainer for over 18 years.  She is an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) nationally certified Exercise Physiologist.  Sarah has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Eastern University and a Master of Science in Integrative Exercise Physiology from Temple University. She is also ACSM Exercise is Medicine Level 2 certified and holds an SCW certification in Nutrition, Hormones and Metabolism.

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