Monday, September 21, 2020

The Importance Of Posture

During quarantine, most people have not given their bodies the correct movement and care. Staying inside for prolonged periods of time can effect your body! Today we are going to be talking about posture. Posture affects us more than we realize. Breathing, fatigue, headaches, wear and tear on the shoulder joint, low back pain, stiffness... I could go on! Having good posture can make or break a Monday (or a quarantine!). The more we consciously adjust our alignment, the more automatic it will eventually become.

Some tips to help you with better posture:

1. Lift your ribcage up and out. While we sit for prolonged periods, our ribcage starts to collapse downward, bringing the upper back into a rounded shape and allowing the shoulders to droop forward. Expand your ribcage, take a deep breath, and feel your shoulders naturally roll back!

2. Draw your chin backward and lengthen the back of your neck. This is a quick way to relieve a headache instantly! Pretend you have a little string attached to the top of your head and it's gently lengthening your spine upward. Staring at screens all day causes us to jut our head forward which reduces the space that our nerves have in the spinal column (not to mention it flattens the cervical curve of the neck that can eventually wear on the spinal joints). By bringing the neck back into alignment, we allow the nerves and blood vessels the room they need to play! 

3. Stretch. Your. Chest! Before you begin your workday (and maybe a few times throughout), try the doorway chest stretch. This will help open up the front of your torso that typically gets tight when we slump over our keyboards for hours on end. Watch this YouTube tutorial

The corny pictures I've attached are from my book, Imagery for Personal Trainers, which you can find here: This Link  Although it is geared towards trainers and teachers, anyone who moves their body can benefit from the practical images throughout the book! Feel free to share it with the gym-goers in your life.

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