Monday, July 29, 2019

Q&A with Devon Dadoly Tonicity Fit's Member of the Month

1.  When did you start at Tonicity Fit?

I started Nutrition with Sarah in August of last year and started Strength Training with her in November 2018.

2.  Can you give us a little background on you?  For example, where you an active person when you joined?  Where were you in  your wellness journey?  What brought you to Tonicity Fit?  Your goals....

I don't have any issue with my body size or shape, so until recently, I didn't understand why people exercise unless they're trying to lose weight. My whole life, I was really lazy about exercising - only going to the gym when I was trying to shed pounds fast, and then giving up when I didn't see the scale moving. I felt out of place at the gym, and extremely unmotivated. I felt intimidated by exercise equipment and being around people who were in shape.

Then last year, I met Sarah when she was building her gym in West Chester. She told me about her passion for helping women both pre and post-menopause, people with injuries, and folks of many sizes and abilities. I knew I needed a change in my routine- some accountability, something to curb my anxiety and depression, something to keep me active. With Sarah's encouragement, I kept coming in. I kept working. She helped me realize that it's ok for weight loss to not be my focus. The real motivation for me is to get STRONG, to see a change in numbers that aren't on the scale (blood pressure, heart rate, etc). Since November, my resting heart rate has dropped over 30 bpms. I'm able to walk a city block without needing rest. I CAN DO 18 PUSHUPS. THAT'S the kind of goals I'm talking about.

My goals have shifted a few times since I started training with Sarah. Currently, I'm working on training for my first ever obstacle course in October with some of the other Tonicity members. I'm nervous but looking forward to it!

3.  What type of membership do you currently have?

Unlimited! I try to make it to at least 3 group sessions per week

4.  What do you love most about Tonicity Fit?
  • COMMUNITY. There is an undeniable kinship between the members at Tonicity Fit. Anyone who is new is welcomed with open arms.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY. Something that has kept me from reaching my full potential in my fitness journey is my inability to be accountable to the gym. The 
5.  What do you love most about Sarah?

Sarah has honestly changed my life. She is so patient and willing to work with people at any stage of their fitness journey. I have also felt really insecure going to the gym and never dared to see a personal trainer because I was ashamed of how out of shape I was. Sarah gives each session a personal touch. Whether we are dancing between sets, sharing stories about our families, or having a rough day, I always know I'm going to have a great time there. Her commitment to health is so refreshing and I can tell she cares about every single one of her clients.

I love working with Sarah so much I drive from Philly to West Chester 3 times a week to train with her. So if you're looking for an advocate for all bodies, someone willing to help you with your personal goals, and a true friend, you can count on her.

6.  What advice would you give to someone who is where you were when you started your journey here?
  • TRUST. It was difficult for me to imagine trusting someone to help me with my fitness and health journey. I like to be in control of my body and my decisions, but after a few sessions, i was able to let the expert (Sarah) be my guide. 
  • GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT. The biggest fear that kept me out of the gym was thinking that I couldn't keep up with everyone else. I am amazed by my own progress. I never thought I would be able to train eith some of the most fit women in my life.

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